Dissolution of JK Assembly was Constitutional That restored faith of people in Democracy

Dissolution of JK Assembly was Constitutional That restored faith of people in Democracy

Dissolution of JK Assembly was Constitutional That restored faith of people in Democracy Dissolution of JK Assembly was Constitutional That restored faith of people in Democracy

By: Afrida Hussain

Prior to imposition of governor’s rule, mostly the political leadership of Jammu and Kashmir were busy in making wealth and creating trouble for masses. People were living in disparity and were totally confused about the future of Jammu and Kashmir.

The political parties in the state had lost credibility, chaos and confusion was prevailing in every nook and corner, this was primarily due to the situation created by politicians since the BJP-PDP took over.

Interestingly, no single incident of protest was reported from any part of the J&K when governor took over the reins of the state.

It was very difficult for Central Government to find replacement of Governor Vohra (who had completed his consecutive second term as Governor), who would be able to bring back peace in trouble torn state. Traditionally, the governors picked by Delhi for J&K are from bureaucratic or army back ground.


Winning Hearts and Minds

Surprisingly a socialist revolutionary farmer was given the job of Governor to handle the most sensitive state of India which has been passing through very difficult political phase. For Governor,  to leave up to the expectations of the people was tough task , where an obnoxious campaign was already existing about Delhi’s intentions to kill and suppress the Kashmiris.

Everyone was taken aback when Satya pal Malik vociferously announced about his mission to win the heart and minds of people particularly, youth and to bring back peace. This   created a lot of hope and generated enthusiasm among the people especially in youth. Governor Malik, without going into history of the state talked about saving youth from militancy and providing job. He made it clear that corruption would not be embraced as a state policy and guilty will be punished without any delay.

This hard and straightforward message, though spoken very softly by Satya Pal Malik was appreciated across J&K by each one. On the other hand it created ripples among bureaucrats and politicians. He confronted all those who were trying to block the rule of law and were warned for creating impediments in the development of the state.

Excess Made Easy

The doors of Rajb Bhawan were opened for commoners and excess to government offices became much easier as compared to the previous elected government in the state.

Governor Satya Pal Malik made it clear that he will follow the constitution in letter and spirit and will not accept dictates from any quarter. Development of the Jammu and Kashmir, providing jobs and creating conducive atmosphere for free and fair elections were his top agenda.

He repeatedly said that government will follow all means to eradicate corruption and will not accept pressure from influential. By setting up Anti-Corruption Bureau, terminating multi hundred thousand crore Reliance and Trinity contract, directing action against corrupt officers and inquiry into several projects created lot of hustle bustle in the state. The message from Rajb Bhawn was loud and clear, the corrupt cannot go Scott free.

According to an unofficial estimate the wealth of political leaders multiplied 500 to 1000 percent in three years’ time. Political and bureaucratic nexus has made it difficult for youth to avail any of the opportunity and most among government schemes were run by the political organisations for their first run workers.

It was crystal clear that Satya Pal Malik means strict business and does not want anyone to derail his agenda of peace and stability. This created massive and visible exasperation in rank and file of corrupt politicians, corporates and administration.

Interestingly, Sajjad Lone who had won 2 assembly seats out of 87 was dreaming about Chief Ministers post and was busy in making manipulations to capture the highest chair, being BJP’s poster boy he had very close association with Ram Madhav. According to highly placed sources Ram Madhav had assured him CM's post after the Municipal elections are over.

 Weed out Corruption

Governor Satya Pal Malik had a mission to weed out corruption which he thought was the root cause of the Kashmir problem and militancy in the state. He was well aware of the facts that the past elections were rigged and certain pre-selected people were forcibly elected. He knew Late, Abdul Gani Lone (father of Sajad Lone ) got elected  uncontested as a legislature of Indian National Congress (INC),  as no one could dare to file nomination due to fear,  those who filed applications their papers were rejected by the election commission to ensure victory for Gani Lone.

Likewise in 1987 assembly elections Muhmmad Yousf Shah now Syed Sallahudin,the chief of Hizbul Mujahadin and his election incharge Yasin Malik  were beaten mercilessly inside police station, Sallahudin was winning from Amira Kadal constituency with huge margin. They were forced to pick guns against the system.

Satya Pal Malik Knew that Politicians in nexus with rouge elements in police and bureaucracy were  mainly responsible for breeding terrorism.

Dissolution of Assemly was inevitable

The buzz in the media about horse trading and inviting Sajjad Gani Lone to form the government was treading throughout the state on daily basis. The meetings at five star hotels was no secret where Ram Madhav and Sajjad Lone were busy in finalising the cabinet portfolios.

The photos of Sajjad Lones cabinet were making rounds in social media Ashiq Bukhari former SSP and CEO Jammu Kashmir Cricket Association (JKCA), Abid Ansari, Imran Raza Ansari,  Arif Raja J&K BJP incharge Protocol, Wajahat ex-PRO of Dy CM and elected councillor Amirakadal, Amit Amla , Junaid Mattu Srinagar Mayor,  Irfan Ansari, Saifuddin Bhat,Yasir Reshi were among the cabinet Ministers declared unofficially besides few others.

Mehbooba Mufti the former CM had claimed that her MLA’s were threatened by the NIA and were asked to join hand with Sajjad Gani Lone to form the government. It was assumed that Governor Malik will  invite Sajjad Gani Lone any time for the formation of Government.

This forced Peoples Democratic Party, National Conference and Congress to join hands to keep Sajjad Gani Lone away from Chief Ministers post. The state BJP also started distancing itself from Sajjad Lone and  showed its displeasure over the frequent meetings between Ram Madhav and Sajjad.

According to highly placed sources a letter from BJP was delivered confidentially to Amit Shah over Ram Madhav's activities in the state which was causing severe damage to BJP cadre.

No incident of Protest

In the best interest of the state governor followed the constitution and dissolved assembly to end the uncertainty. Not a single incident of protest was reported from any part of state by any political party. The major political parties willingly accepted the decision taken by Governor.

Sajjad Lone who had won only two seats in the assembly,was only politician who seemed frustrated and issued statement against Governor. However, he knew that that Peoples Conference (Sajjad Lone Party) was lagging behind the required numbers except horse trading it wouldn’t be possible for him to form the govt. This itself vindicated the governors’ decision of dissolution of house.

Instead of falling prey to greed of power Sajjad should appreciate the Governors decision (who does not claim to be a Kashmiri serving People of the state since aegis like Sajjad lone in a interview claimed) and should prove himself a democrat .

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Published On: Dec 08, 2018