Government abandoning Asomiya jati in order to secure Bangladeshi vote bank?

Government abandoning Asomiya jati in order to secure Bangladeshi vote bank?

Citizenship Bill Citizenship Bill

By: Julee Bezbaruah

The emotions of the indigenous Axomiya jati were swatted away by the Modi-led BJP government with the announcement of the amendment of the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill.

While the whole state is out in protest over concerns that passing of the Bill will open the floodgates to a Bangladeshi invasion, the central government did not pay any heed and decided to pass the bill on Tuesday at the Lok Sabha.

History was been created with black marks when the Axomiya jati took out a naked protest in front of the Parliament at the country’s capital New Delhi. The day has been marked as Black Day as the controversial bill was confirmed to be amended leaving the identity of the indigenous axomiya community in jeopardy.

The whole of Barak and Brahmaputra valleys protested all over the state to stop the bill being amended.

Which way is the future of the axomiya community and the various ethnic communities heading, you may wonder?

Why are the representatives and the Jatiya Nayaks of the state hiding now? Is the division of Brahmaputra and Barak valley being orchestrated by representatives of the present government?

The biggest regional party AGP has break the  alliance with the government just after the confirmation of the amendment of CAB.

Even the journalists of Assam protested with slogans in front of the Assam Secretariat on Monday.

Meanwhile, the Congress leaders along with workers of the party took out a torch march against the   “Jati destroying” Citizenship Amendment Bill along the busy streets of Guwahati, on Monday. The march was also joined by former chief minister Tarun Gogoi.