Looking for a Job Post-Lockdown? Here's what You should do

Looking for a Job Post-Lockdown? Here's what You should do

Sikkim Sikkim

Rajat Paul:

There was once a saying that the West will sacrifice its economy to save its countrymen and the third world or the developing countries will sacrifice its abundant lives for saving its residual economy, but this ancient theory turned on its head during this global pandemic. India shut down its economic and movement activities by clamping the lockdown, whereas the west is still paying a huge price by sacrificing more than 50,000 lives till April last.

As per IMF Chief Kristalina Georgieva, it is believed to be the worst recession since the Great Depression of 1930 where the GDP had fallen to -15% compared to -1% of the 2008 Global Financial Crises. When the whole world was fighting with the scenario of unemployment, Covid-19 seems to add some salt on the wound.

But some economists believe the present situation will only remain for the short term, as the countries around the world have decided on their own to go for lockdown, while the previous recessions were due to structural economic problem. Things will get back to normal as soon as the economy opens, economists have opined. Therefore, one needs to be prepared physically, mentally, and psychologically to compete with the rest with their skills and knowledge.


Well, the lockdown has made a drastic change in the procedural operations of the Industries and will have to re-look their way of function in the near future. Industries driven by technology are operating well and somewhat booming during this passage of pause. Tremendous growth can be seen on applications such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc., while "Work From Home" will be a future prospect for well to do jobs.

The Online media Industry such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Flipkart videos, MX Player Movies, etc. seems to be doing good engaging more customers

It is really tough and tiresome to up-skill ourselves during the working days. So besides wasting this precious time the intelligent minds will rather use this time to up-skill themselves so when the situation gets back to normal, their resume should lie on the top of the table with better jobs and good salary.

The world may face a crisis but the impact on India and its growth will not be as harmed as the West. With time large manufacturers from China will shift towards India is the next big thing. Indians looking to work abroad especially the West might need to change their destinations to the South East Asian Nations or the Gulf Countries.

FMCG goods, HealthCare, Medical, IT, Software, Insurance, and Electrical Industry seem to have a boom future post lockdown. This pandemic has changed the way of viewing a job. A job seeker should look for jobs of essential services more, which plays a vital role in human lives such as Health, Water, Electricity, Food, Electronic media, Digital Platforms, etc.


“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere". Learning doesn't need any means or excuses it needs only good intentions. Various State Boards have released their pdf version of new textbooks such as the NCERT, Distance Universities to State Boards and Professional Institutes. Doordarshan and All India Radio (AIR) have, meanwhile, started virtual classrooms on TV, Radio, and Youtube.

Google India launched "Youtube Learning Destination" to help teachers and students interact and learn easily. SEBA has launched "EduAid" online classes through Youtube. There are other platforms introduced by the MHRD of India Diksha platform for class 12, e-Pathshala for class1 to 12 students, SWAYAM Portal for UG, PG, and other courses.

The education sector seems to show growth with huge potential as well, with e-classrooms now becoming a norm.

The source to up-skill ourselves from various online sources taking the most friendly online takeaway is YouTube, the largest and open platform of sharing knowledge.

There are other online study portals for courses of Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Handling which could land anyone with a handsome job as the pandemic has made everyone go digital. Professional, Certification to Graduate courses are offered digitally by education websites such as Udemy, Edureka, Udacity, and UpGrad and are very impressive both with the quality and tariffs.

An Internship or a Project Associate under any leader in an Organisation will be a good step to diversify one's growth with the advancement in skills as no learning goes in vain.

So what do we need to do for staying in the game of employment?

In India job seekers are divided into 4 segments. First one is the 10th pass out of poorer sections not willing or able to study, secondly the 12th pass outs willing to work short term and carry on their study, thirdly the UGs, PGs and the doctorates who are appearing for high-level exams and fourthly the Job Changers who change their jobs more frequently. Considering all of the above the total unemployment rate stands at around 10%.

The 5 key ways to get a job after developing required skills during the lockdown are:

a) A strong digital resume after adding all your added qualifications and skills during the lockdown and demonstrating your extra good activities such as writing, painting, playing instruments, photography, singing, etc.

b) Use of LinkedIn, Quora and other social media applications to connect with the top managements of and asking them for a reference and explaining to them why you are fit for the job.

c) Reaching out to your college Alumni who are presently in the top hierarchy of any organization you are interested in.

d) Freelancing can also be profitable once your skills are considered up-to-scratch.

e) Recruiters will be looking for digitally savvy people and graduates who are resilient, solution-oriented, and Innovative, Fin-tech and data have the potential of growth.

Job Seekers need to come out of their comfort zones, be flexible, up-skill themselves, and ready to negotiate with the Industry after the lockdown.

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Published On: May 02, 2020