Sikkim MP Indra Hang Subba advocates for revival of Nathula trade route, comprehensive development

Sikkim MP Indra Hang Subba advocates for revival of Nathula trade route, comprehensive development

Sikkim Member of Parliament Indra Hang Subba addressed a press conference on July 6 and laid an ambitious roadmap for the state's progress across several key fronts.

Stating the importance of revitalizing trade routes, Subba reiterated efforts to reopen the historic Nathula Pass for trade activities. "We are actively pursuing the reopening of Nathula trade and also exploring possibilities to open trade routes with Nepal and China," he said. Subba said that SIkkim government is in continuous dialogues with the Central Government to facilitate these initiatives.

Addressing the long-standing demand for seat reservations for the Limboo and Tamang communities, Subba affirmed plans to push forward with delimitation processes. "Delimitation is crucial for ensuring equitable representation," he said. Expressing optimism, he added, "Our sustained engagement with the Central Government ensures that justice will prevail once seat reservations are granted."

Subba reiterated SKM's support to the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) while stressing that the welfare and security of Sikkim and its people remain paramount.

Highlighting infrastructure development, Subba discussed the significance of the inter-state national highway. "This project transcends regional governance issues and holds immense importance for connectivity," he said. Subba announced an upcoming meeting on July 8 aimed at expediting the handover of highway maintenance and upgradation to NHIDCL.

Turning to minority affairs, Subba outlined provisions for Sikkim's Buddhist community, including support for monastic schools and cultural preservation efforts. "Special considerations reflect our commitment to preserving Sikkim's rich Buddhist heritage," he noted, referencing plans for a dedicated hospital.

On the critical issue of power shortages, Subba highlighted efforts to address Sikkim's energy deficit. "We have submitted comprehensive assessments to key central ministers, detailing the impact of power losses on state revenue," he said. Subba said that Sikkim government is in proactive engagement with top leaders, including the Prime Minister and Union Power Minister to seek solutions.

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