Urgent repairs needed for North Sikkim's strategic Indo-China border road

Urgent repairs needed for North Sikkim's strategic Indo-China border road

The strategic border road in North Sikkim leading to the Indo-China border is in a deteriorated condition and requires immediate attention from the Government of India. 

The poor state of the road is causing difficulties in transportation and logistics, which is crucial for the movement of troops and supplies. 

Meanwhile, amid the poor road conditions, the locals are now charging Rs 500 to rescue each vehicle stranded on the pathway.

Authorities and local residents have urged the government to take swift action to repair and maintain this vital infrastructure.

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Earlier on June 3, a team of experts from the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on Wednesday conducted a comprehensive survey of the landslide-affected areas in Sikkim's Mangan district, officials said.
Accompanied by officials of the Sikkim State Disaster Management Authority (SSDMA), the NDMA team led by Deputy Commandant Rajat Malhotra visited the Mangshila, Naga, Sanklang and Phidang areas.
They identified several key factors, including heavy rainfall, steep slopes, challenging topography and unstable soil composition as the reasons behind the occurrence of landslides in the strategically located Mangan district in north Sikkim.
The team also recorded the significant damage to infrastructure, including roads, houses and agricultural land, besides displacement of the local people and the impact on the local economy and livelihood, they said.