Assam | All you need to know before Phase-II of Lok Sabha elections

Assam | All you need to know before Phase-II of Lok Sabha elections

Lok Sabha elections Lok Sabha elections

Guwahati, April 17, 2019:

The carnival of democracy is on in full flow as five Constituencies of Assam prepare to head to the polls in less than 24 hours for the Phase-II of the Lok Sabha elections. All numbers and statistics regarding the Phase-II of polling have reached InsideNE.

The total polling stations under Phase II is 8,992 and 35,968 polling personnel have been deployed under Phase II in all five Constituencies.

Meanwhile, 169 companies and 1 Pln of security personnel have been deployed in Phase II (further, a minimum of one constable has been deployed in every polling station).

Micro Observers for Phase II number 544, while General Observers for Phase II number 6. 5 Expenditure Observers have been appointed for Phase II, while three police observers have been appointed.

The Flying Squad teams appointed for the for Phase II number 137, while Static Surveillance teams for Phase II number 127. 105 Video Surveillance teams will also be set up.

8992 sets of EVMs and VVPATs are to be used for Phase II.

Meanwhile, authorities have nabbed a huge amount of liquor and money in pre-election raids. 1,60,747.33 litres of liquor has been seized all over the state worth Rs. 1,42,43,620 of cash has been recovered. Total cash seized upto April 17, 2019 stands at Rs. 12,05,64,901.

Meanwhile, 137 polling stations have been set up with all women polling personnel. They include: Karimganj (SC): 11; Silchar: 10; Autonomous Districts (ST): 23; 8-Mangoldoi: 67; and Nowgong: 26.

Total Model polling stations in Phase II number 84. Break-up: Karimganj (SC): 25; Silchar: 10; Autonomous Districts (ST): 10; Mangoldoi: 20, and Nowgong: 19.

Meanwhile, 50 candidates are in the fray for the second phase of the election. Break-up: Karimganj: 14; Silchar: 13; Autonomous Districts (ST): 5; Mangaldoi: 11, and Nowgong: 7.

Remote polling station in Phase II of the Lok Sabha election number 1033. Break-up: Karimganj: 350; Silchar: 410; Autonomous Districts (ST): 230; Mangaldoi: 43 and Nowgong: 0.

Total electors in Phase II: Male: 35,54,460; Female: 33,55,952; Third Gender: 180

Total: 6910592



Male                      696638

Female                   641349

Third Gender         18

Total                      1338005



Male                      6,13,931

Female                   5,77,283

Third Gender         75

Total                      11,91,289


3-Autonomous Districts (ST)

Male                       4,04,528

Female                   3,90,551

Third Gender         6

Total                      7,95,085



Male                       9,20,977

Female                   8,74,520

Third Gender         32

Total                      17,95,529



Male                       9,18,386

Female                   8,72,249

Third Gender         49

Total                      17,90,684


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Published On: Apr 18, 2019