Basistha Temple battles with filth

Basistha Temple battles with filth

Basistha Temple Basistha Temple

Guwahati (Assam), August 20, 2018:

The Basistha Temple authorities’ bid to keep the ashram premises clean has come a cropper. Blame it on a section of the devotees.

Earlier, the temple authorities initiated several steps to maintain cleanliness around the ashram. In due course, the Kamrup (Metro) district administration too had chipped in, banning activities which might pollute the ashram premises. However, despite the measures, there is no improvement in the overall situation as dirt and filth at the temple, and also at a river flowing nearby, galore to this day.

Talking to InsideNE, the head priest of the temple’s Devalaya Parisalan Samitee said: “We, as well as the district administration, have taken several measures for the maintenance of cleanliness. However, we haven’t got any results so far. The devotees need to be aware of cleanliness. They litter the temple premises and the river by throwing rubbish which includes plastic bags and packets besides garbage”.

“The administration periodically keeps the river clean by clearing garbage but it would soon be littered again by devotees,” the head priest lamented. He appealed to devotees to maintain cleanliness.

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Published On: Aug 20, 2018