Goa Diaries : A phenomenal journey.

Goa Diaries : A phenomenal journey.

Goa Goa

It all started out some years ago just after my high school graduation when I visited Goa as it was our after graduation school trip and my friends and me planned to travel to Goa and chill out after School got over. Much to my surprise did I know my life and how I perceived life would be completely changed after this Goa trip? So continuing with my journey I reached Goa and met my adventurous friend Jung who resemble me with the same hippie vibe ready to go anywhere and try out anything new just for the adventure, just the guy I can be totally be open and expand myself with. We rented a bike and now the open road ahead of us we started our journey to explore the unknown territories of Goa and it's secret places of adventure. Keeping that in mind, we went out to seek the adventures we hoped to encounter and started out our journey going from beach to beach observing what's happening around what's chilling and something we can sink our teeth into, we finally reached Curlies Restaurant on Anjuna beach and ordered sea food for each other wanting to try out the Goa sea food which we had heard quite of. After enjoying our delicious food we went to the Trance Music Festival in honor of Lord Shiva in a few hours and just nearby Anjuna beach there is a flea market just around the corner.


Just then we marched on towards the flea market and witnessed something amazing -It was people from all over the world in one market sitting in cafes, smoking, eating and having conversations together, everywhere I saw people from different cultures, religion and race all coming together and chilling under this market where you get cheap food, clothes, paintings, art, sculptures, hula hoops, books of travel all the different kinds of stuff from different cultures coming under one market. Within me I felt a sense of unity and a sense of belonging to this unknown world of travel, trying out new food, talking to new people, buying new stuff from different cultures and accepting different cultures at the same time, having adventures all the time like I used to when I was a kid. It was beautiful and magical.

Counterculture was happening and I was observing it everywhere around me beings of light helping each other out. Thus as the flea market ended we followed all the travellers and came to the festival. We felt happy to feel belonging somewhere safe and a happy environment around us where there is safety and security. As we all moved towards the large shack where the party was taking place there were high vibrational beats playing coming from gigantic speakers all around the Anjuna beach, everyone was covered in neon paint and shining in dark psychedelic light and slowly and steadily everyone started dancing to the beats played by the disk jockey which echoed around the whole beach,  where the sea and the sand touched our feats and the moon shining and guiding us with her light, it was absolutely blissful I could feel my friends energies and the whole beach everyone dancing to the music and entering a trance like state of mind through dancing, it was as I read and heard that lord Shiva use to dance and fall in trance with the dancing and I felt the same. We danced till 5 o clock in the morning from midnight to now, we saw the sun wake up and wake us up with its light, everyone was feeling it, there was so much power in the light, it was one moment which seized me and all I wanted to do was remain with it right now in this beautiful moment of bliss and let it take me all in.

This night changed my life and I realised the adventures are up to us to seek and if you are a seeker the adventures will come look out for you, one just has to be open and always be in state of borderless boundaries and choose openness, choose adventure, choose courage and let go, be tolerant and magic will happen, choose the " travelers mindset ".I learned a lot of lessons in my every day of travel and would like to share some of them through simple sentences and these are basically the small things, which are the most important things that shape us every day.

" There is no plan and that's the plan "

" The journey itself is home, it's not the destination that matters but the journey change everything, all the experiences, the amazing people you meet, the food you eat, the sunrises and sunsets you witnessed"

" When travelling, its always about the people, the local people, the travellers, anyone you meet during your travels they are meeting you for a reason and they will guide you to new adventures and you can share with them the adventures".

I felt grateful for life, friends and adventures and was happy for what was coming ahead.

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Published On: Mar 08, 2018