Sikkim: Man arrested got molesting minor girl in Gangtok

Sikkim: Man arrested got molesting minor girl in Gangtok

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GANTOK: A 30-year-old man in Gangtok has been arrested by Sadar police for allegedly molesting a minor girl.

According to the complaint lodged by the family members of the victim, a man namely Bikey Pradhan has been accused of molesting a girl.

The complaint states that on November 14 while the girl was playing with her two friends aged 8 and 7 in the nearby road a person named Bickey Pradhan in his vehicle came up to them and forcefully pick them inside his vehicle and took them in the nearby forest.

Thereafter, in a secluded place the alleged person took them out of the vehicle and asked them to dance. While dancing the alleged person in an inappropriately touched and molested her.

The minors sensing danger escaped somehow and ran towards their homes. Thereafter the victim narrated the whole incident to her sister. The accused person is arrested in the instant case and taken into custody.

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Published On: Nov 16, 2021