'United States Commission on International Religious Freedom' Slams Assam NRC as “Intentional Effort to Discriminate against Muslims"

'United States Commission on International Religious Freedom' Slams Assam NRC as “Intentional Effort to Discriminate against Muslims"

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Washington DC, August 30, 2019:

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, which is a U.S. federal government commission created by the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998, has condemned the NRC in Assam and termed it as a "religious test for Muslims."

Moreover, the USCIRF, in a recent report, has called the NRC "an intentional effort to discriminate and/or has the effect of discriminating against Muslims, and that the discretion given to local authorities in the verification process and in identifying perceived foreigners to be excluded from the draft list will be abused.”

A June 2018 joint letter by four United Nations special rapporteurs, among them the special rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, argued that the updated NRC could be used to disenfranchise Muslims in the region and is part of the government’s ongoing efforts to introduce a “religious test”, specifically aimed at clearing out Muslims.

Residents of the northeastern Indian state of Assam face an August 31 deadline to submit citizenship verification documents in order to be included on a finalized National Register of Citizens (NRC). The stated purpose of the registration process is to verify the status of migrants from Bangladesh, which borders Assam.

In response to developments in Assam, United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) Chair Tony Perkins and Commissioner Anurima Bhargava issued the following statement:

“Freedom of religion or belief for India’s diverse faith communities and respect for religious pluralism have long been a bedrock of Indian society, values enshrined in the Indian constitution.

However, we remain concerned with the potential abuse of the National Register of Citizens in Assam and the resulting introduction of a religious requirement for citizenship, which are contrary to the ideals of religious freedom in India,” said Perkins.

“We remain troubled by any government policies or actions that have the effect, whether intentional or not, of undermining religious freedom for vulnerable religious minorities. The National Register of Citizens verification process must not become a means to target and render stateless the Muslim community in northeastern India. Proposed policies that suggest that Muslims – and Muslims alone – will face a higher burden for verification, along with worrisome rhetoric, create a negative and potentially dangerous climate for the Muslim community in northeastern India,” said Bhargava.

Only individuals able to prove their citizenship prior to March 24, 1971, along with their descendants, will be included on the updated NRC list, with final determination of citizenship status provided by local “Foreigners Tribunals.”

In July 2018, a draft update of the NRC was released with nearly four million names excluded due to their alleged inability to provide proper documentation.

However, there is a new twist in the tale as the NRC authority has urged the people excluded from the NRC not to panic.

The NRC authorities posted a message on social media informing the people of Assam that they need not be disheartened if their names are not included in the National Register of Citizens (NRC).

Further, they have urged the people not to believe the rumours circling around the NRC, adding that the non-inclusion of a person's name in the NRC does not amount to his/her being declared a foreigner.

Moreover, every individual kept out of the final NRC can appeal to the Foreigners' Tribunal (FT). The time limit for filing appeals on FTs has been increased from 60-120 days.

Not only this, the Government will provide legal aid to those needy people who have been excluded from NRC, through the District Legal Services Authorities.

Moreover, to hear the appeals, an increased number of FTs are being established at convenient locations.

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Published On: Aug 30, 2019