Tripura: 12 Bangladeshi nationals deported after illegally trespassing into state for jobs

Tripura: 12 Bangladeshi nationals deported after illegally trespassing into state for jobs

As many as 12 Bangladeshi nationals who entered Tripura illegally in search of employment were repatriated after completing their legal procedures and spending over 2 years in detention.

The group, consisting of six females and six males, had entered illegally with the assistance of touts in search of employment.

They were repatriated through the Agartala-Akhaura Integrated Check Post.

Addressing the issue, Arif Mohammad, Assistant High Commissioner of Bangladesh in Agartala, stated, "Today is a very pleasant day for us as we are happy to declare that 12 Bangladeshi nationals who have been detained in Tripura and were awaiting repatriation to Bangladesh will be repatriated today. We have completed all the formalities to send them back to Bangladesh today. It's a happy moment for them. Their family members are waiting to receive them. They have been here waiting for a long time, on average from 6 months to 2 years. This prolonged waiting time is due to a lot of formalities. They entered Tripura without legal documents with the help of touts."

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Expressing gratitude to the Government of India and Tripura, he mentioned that 12 Bangladeshi nationals, including six females and six males, would be repatriated.

"Among them, 11 are adults, and one is a minor girl. They entered India without valid documents in search of work. They were apprehended by the local law enforcement agency, and they underwent the legal procedure," he told India Today NE.

He revealed that the minor had been taken illegally by her relatives and forced to work in their home, facing torture and oppression. However, she left home and sought shelter with the police, and today she is returning home after 3 years.

Sohan Miah (24), a resident of Jamalpur, Bangladesh, who was repatriated, stated that he entered Tripura to work in a garments company.

"A tout helped me to enter but I was captured by BSF. After 15 months, I am returning home," he told India Today.

Md Riaz Hossen, another repatriated individual, explained that they entered India because of touts and were handed over to BSF. After 15 months, they are now returning home.

"I feel very good that I am going home to meet my family. I entered Tripura illegally in 2022 for work. The tout lured us, promising good money," he said.

Saju Rai who came to receive his mother and brother said that were fell into the trap of touts who taken them to Tripura illegally for treatment but BSF has detained them.